2016-2019 Hiidenkivet – Glacial Erratics

Since traveling to the finish part of Lapland in 2016, I’m doing and seeing my painting work as a ritual.
I discovered big stones and trees in Lapland, which could habe been in ancient times ritual places.
At the moment my painting subject is always the same: a rounded shape. It could be seen as a stone, big or small, or as a cave, a hut or something very different. It depends to the viewers experience and all these imaginations are right.

Hiidenkivi I

70×60 cm, Oil on Canvas

Hiidenkivi II

40×40 cm, Oil on Canvas

Pieni Hiidenkivi

30×24 cm, Oil on Canvas

Hiidenkivi ja Puu

50×70 cm, Oil on Canvas

Hiidenkivi Varjoineen – Glacial Erratic with Shadows

140×180 cm, Oil on Canvas